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Liquid Trader: Profit Targets

In each phase, traders must achieve specific profit targets. The profit target percentages will vary depending on the challenge type, but for this article, we will use 6% for Phase 1 (Evaluation) and 9% for Phase 2 (Verification). You have an unlimited number of days to reach these targets. To calculate the target, multiply your chosen account balance by 0.06 for Phase 1 and 0.09 for Phase 2. For example, if your account balance is $100,000, the Phase 1 target would be $6,000, and the Phase 2 target would be $9,000. Remember, you only need to meet the profit target for the current phase, not the previous ones. However, exceeding the target in one phase increases your chances of passing the next phase and achieving the funding target. Reaching the profit targets is essential for advancing through the Challenge and towards funding. Best of luck with your trading!