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Liquid Trader: Prohibited Trading Strategies

Liquid Trader’s Prohibited Trading Strategies:

As a responsible and trustworthy trading platform, Liquid Trader has a set of prohibited trading strategies that are strictly not allowed. These strategies are prohibited for legal purposes and to ensure the safety of our users.

If a user is found to be engaging in any of these prohibited trading strategies, their Liquid Trader account will be immediately suspended.

Below are some examples of trading strategies that are not allowed on Liquid Trader:

Grid Trading:

  • Grid trading involves placing inverse buy and sell orders of the same instrument for the exact or similar risk. This practice can lead to market manipulation, over-leveraging, market instability, and potential risk-free profit. As such, Liquid Trader does not allow the use of grid trading.

Account Sharing or Account Sale:

  • Sharing or reselling funded accounts is strictly prohibited on Liquid Trader. Such actions will lead to an immediate account breach and a ban from our services.

Martingale Trading:

  • Martingale trading involves increasing the investment size after each loss with the expectation that a winning trade will recoup all previous losses. This approach is considered gambling and extremely risky. Liquid Trader does not permit Martingale trading.

High-Frequency Trading (HFT):

  • High-frequency trading involves using advanced computer algorithms and high-speed telecommunications networks to execute large numbers of trades in fractions of a second. This can lead to market manipulation, unfair advantages, and market instability. As such, Liquid Trader prohibits the use of HFT on a real funded account.
  • Please note: Only 1 account can use HFT in Phase 1 to Pass. This is a one-time thing that can be done for 1 single Funded Account. All others attempted by the same user with HFT in Phase 1 beyond the first Funded Account will not be Funded. This includes future attempts if a Funded Account is breached already by the same user.

Trading in Sanctioned Countries:

  • Traders are not allowed to log in or place orders from countries that are sanctioned by OFAC.

Collusion Between Users:

  • Trading in the same direction on the same asset across multiple accounts is considered market manipulation and strictly prohibited.

Hedging or Group Hedging Across Multiple Accounts:

  • Trading in opposite directions on the same asset across multiple accounts in an attempt to profit from the price movements of an asset without having to take on significant market risk is not permitted on Liquid Trader.

Use of a Delayed Data Feed:

  • Using a data feed that has a delay or lags in the delivery of market data is considered unethical and not in compliance with real market trading. Liquid Trader prohibits this practice.

Trading on Delayed Charts:

  • Using charts or other graphical representations of market data that have a delay or lag in their updates is also considered unethical and goes against real market trading. Liquid Trader does not permit this practice.

Use of Guarantee of Compliance with Limit Orders:

  • Using a guarantee of compliance with limit orders, including take profit and stop loss, and manipulating the market is not permitted on Liquid Trader.

By adhering to these rules and avoiding the use of prohibited trading strategies, traders can ensure a safe and secure trading experience on Liquid Trader.