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At Liquid Trader, traders receive their withdrawal funds just 7 days after placing their first trade on the funded account.

The Consistency Rule in The Liquid Trader is designed to ensure you achieve steady and sustainable profits while effectively managing risk. The rule states that the earnings of your best trading day should not exceed 30% of your total profits.

Liquid Trader offers unique opportunities through a variety of challenges allowing traders to get funded in way that is suitable to their preferred strategies. In this article you can find the different challenges and their criteria.

During your Challenge, we evaluate your trading strategy, and one important aspect we consider is drawdown, both daily and overall.

Refer to this article for a detailed breakdown on how our challenge's profit targets work.

Are you ready to take on the challenge and potentially win a fully funded trading account worth up to $200K? If so, then follow these simple steps to get started with Liquid Trader.

Starting a challenge is straightforward with Liquid Trader. Follow the steps in this FAQ to purchase a challenge and maximise your earning potential.